Digital Video

Technology has changed how we interact with advertisements as well as how we watch them. If you feel as though you don’t have the technology and resources for quality video advertising services in the state, then the USA TODAY NETWORK TENNESSEE is here to change your mind. Special effects, cutting edge graphics and modern televisions have raised the bar in terms of what your customers are expecting to see when viewing your advertisements.

Move them to take action

The current digital world is fast-paced and visual. Videos provide an outlet for your business to share on multiple online platforms, and they are an excellent way to connect with your market. We provide your business with professional, high-quality video that you can share on a wide array of different media such as social networks, websites and emails.


  • High visibility placements
  • Provides a visual and interactive message
  • Impacts consumers considering brand options
  • Increases online searches for product or brand
  • Provides reinforcement of market-wide advertising
  • Increases website and in-store traffic
  • Market-wide reach or defined targeting options, such as geography, age, gender, and content or behavioral retargeting


  • Creation of engaging digital creative using leading technologies
  • Strategically targeted program designed to reach most likely consumers
  • Daily performance tracking and optimization of campaigns
  • Custom analytics to measure the usage trends of your sites

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