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An infographic of a consumer deciding whether or not to buy something now or gather more information before buying that product.
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Using Digital Marketing to Connect with Customers on their Buying Journey

| September 17, 2015

Local businesses used to only have to worry about competition from other companies in the area. Now, with the Internet, small businesses are often going against companies from across the U.S. In order to remain competitive, small businesses need to understand changing buyer behavior and find ways to better reach customers along the way. An integrated digital marketing approach is the best way to make sure that you are connecting with customers during each crucial stage of the digital journey.

Understanding the Digital Buyer’s Journey

The consumer’s digital buying journey will vary depending on where they are in the purchasing process. As the infographic below from our digital fulfillment partner G/O Digital shows, there are many phases of this journey and many touch points for brand communication. Buyers will need different types of content at different stages of the process. Understanding the buying habits of your target market is essential to effectively reaching and engaging consumers.

Taking an Integrated Approach to Online Marketing

An immediate need often prompts a consumer to begin their digital journey. Perhaps they want to upgrade an item or they are searching for a service during a major life change. These are examples of micro-moments, or times when customers are looking to learn more and purchase. Though consumers are most receptive to your brand message during these moments, they are not the only times that brands can or should connect with their target audience.

An effective online ad can entice a viewer who does not have an immediate need. That is why it’s still important to stay visible in order to connect with those who are not necessarily looking for your product or service. By taking an integrated approach to digital marketing, small businesses can cover all their bases to provide optimal chances to connect with consumers.

If you are ready to start learning more about your customers’ buying journey and how to connect with buyers at each step of the process, contact the USA TODAY NETWORK in Nashville, TN today. We are ready to help you use online marketing to reach more customers.


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