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Welcomed into the homes of our readers, more than 679,000 adults read The Tennessean each week. Their commitment of time and money creates a level of engagement few other sources enjoy. Did you know that 8 out 10 adults have taken action after seeing an ad in a print newspaper in the last 30 days1?  This is just one way your business can take advantage of the power of the Tennessean engaged audience. In addition to the full distribution of Tennessean, we offer zoned and targeted options for specific communities, targeted audiences and business needs. As, the leader in local news, no source dedicates more resources to delivering more news to more people across more channels. The local news, sports, business and features content in the printed edition provides an excellent environment for businesses, products and services to reach a quality audience in the right context.

*AAM, Q3, 2016; Readership Scarborough 2016 Tennessean INA Nashville CBSA Market

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Portfolio – A Sunday magazine that focuses on people, places and things unique to do in Middle Tennessee
Ticket – An enhanced entertainment guide to find you more places to go and more to do