Spring Advertising Trends

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Spring has sprung…or at least it is trying. A refreshing new vigor comes with this season. As we all crawl out of our winter hibernation, we feel the need to “spruce up” a bit. Whether it be physically, mentally or financially, we feel that urge to make a change.

Marketers are more than aware of this annual energy boost and have been strategically preparing to feed that consumer drive. A few examples of spring trends on the rise are detailed below:

  1. It’s Quality, Not Quantity– In 2013, various industries began focusing more attention on improving their content marketing campaigns with the goal of quality over quantity. The past three-year trend has shown competitors across most industries striving to have “the most” content marketing available to the public. This competition began to override the importance within the content. Pulling back the reigns and focusing on the significance within the content and if it will resonate with a customer will be the new direction.
  2. Give The People What They Want– As novel as it may sound, many industries are just now truly grasping this concept. They are using more in-depth consumer-focused research as opposed to generic testing or steering a product in the direction they would like for it to go while hoping consumers will follow. Since 2012, many companies have begun sourcing out companies to conduct field research that directly involves current consumers and, more importantly, those they wish to be consumers. The two industries who have shown the greatest spike in this more in-depth approach are the beauty/cosmetics and health product industries.
  3. Shout it from the Rooftops- Businesses claim to want customer feedback, however the past couple of years may have thrown that suggestion out the window. Consumers have grown increasingly comfortable with publicly conveying their feelings towards an industry, company or even a specific product whether it be good…or not so good. With the staggering rate of social media usage being used for more than just telling every detail of your life, it is also the number one place consumers feel okay to share their experience regarding products or services. When avid online users were asked if they have ever given positive and/or negative feedback on a social media site, blog or consumer created forum, a resounding 87 percent replied yes. These reviews, positive or negative, greatly affect companies.

As you dust off that winter state-of-mind, keep a lookout for new spring marketing approaches!

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