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Last week during our online marketing seminar. We mentioned the importance of tagging people in images on your Facebook page. I wanted to take a moment and show you how much more reach you can gain by doing this and some other social media best practices for Facebook.

The difference a tag can make

A typical post on our Facebook page, which right now has 5,700 followers, usually has a reach of anywhere from 50 to 150 people and 1 to 2 likes on average. Last week, during our seminar on social media, I took a picture of Beth Ferry and posted it to Facebook. That image with a tag resulted in a reach of 1,225 and 8 likes.

How it makes a difference

First of all, when you tag an individual (or when they tag themselves, more on this later) that post gets exposed to not only your followers but their network of friends as well. Secondly, people they know are more likely to comment, like or share the post. This has an exponential effect on the potential reach of a post.

The logistics

I am a friend with Beth Ferry on my personal Facebook account so I am able to tag her from there. Currently with Facebook, you are not able to tag individuals on your business pages, however, they are able to tag themselves or can be tagged by friends. So I took the picture, uploaded it to the business page for TN Media, switched accounts and tagged her from my personal one.

You do need to make sure you have your business page enabled to allow tagging. For instructions, you can check out “How do I allow photo tagging on my page?

Social media best practices for Facebook

So how can you get people tagged on your Facebook page? Find a way to be creative. Take the photos, upload them yourself and ask that your clients or customers tag themselves.

Work in pediatric dentistry? Take photos of your happy kids after their visit and ask the parents to tag themselves.

Work in retail? Upload an image of a happy customer with the item or the item on and ask them to tag themselves.

Run a car detailing business? Wash that car, upload the clean image and ask your client to tag themselves.

As you can see, they key is to be creative and ask for a little help from happy customers. Little tricks like this will help you be more successful on your business pages.

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