Why You Should Share Your Google Analytics with Marketing Partners

By Keela Greenlee

When working with an external agency or marketing partner, sometimes it can be difficult to know which information to share and which is better kept internal. However, when it comes to your business’s Google Analytics, don’t be afraid to share data with your partners.


Google Analytics allows you to grant read-only access to users who can benefit from seeing your website data. You can retain administrator-level status of your account while preventing any erroneous activity and quickly revoking access when needed. Adding access only takes a few minutes, and it can help you run your campaigns more smoothly and efficiently.


How to Add a Read-Only User

It’s incredibly simple to add a user to your Google Analytics account. To do so, open the “Admin” tab and click on “User Management.” From there, you can input the email address of anyone you’d like to add. Be sure to set the access level to “Read and Analyze” to avoid accidental alterations to data or user settings.


Why You Should Share Your Marketing Partners to Your Analytics

Sharing access to campaign analytics with partner agencies gives them the ability to see and interpret your business’s web data in ways that can help shape your campaign’s effectiveness. Rather than reacting to what is and isn’t working, your entire team of onsite and offsite members can be proactive with campaign management, cutting down on the time and resources needed to distribute and act on this information. Open access also helps marketing partners stay accountable for the success—or failure—of your campaigns.


Additionally, your marketing partners will have the expert knowledge necessary to help you get the most out of your website analytics. If you haven’t been using Google Analytics, they will have insight on how you can better understand your data and will be able to identify areas that need improvement.


The first step to marketing success is finding a transparent, trusted marketing partner. The experts at TN Media in Nashville, Tennessee, are ready to help manage and optimize campaigns to drive more leads to your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.



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