The Secret to Creating the Best Digital Ad Strategy in 2016

By Keela Greenlee

When it comes to online display advertising, you’re probably using an ad exchange like Google AdWords, right? Programmatic ad buys are a relatively easy way to publish your ads to the places your customers will be likely to see them. However, the secret to truly getting the best returns from your campaigns in 2016? Combining your programmatic ad buy strategy with buying ads directly from publishers.


While exchanges give you a broad reach, direct ad buys let you get more creative with your media, with even greater audience targeting. With U.S. digital ad spending poised to top $21.55 billion in 2016, you can maximize your strategy by combining programmatic marketing and direct buy ads. You’ll also get the following benefits:


Working with a Publishing Team

When you use Google AdWords, you get the speed and efficiency that comes with using a computer program to quickly execute a programmatic ad buy. However, when you buy directly from publishers, you’re working with real people who know their publication or website in-depth, and who have access to data about their audience that allows you to target your ads in the best way possible. They’ll also be able to help you make sure your media is always optimized, and you’ll likely get more of an opportunity to negotiate ad pricing.


Promoting High-Quality Content 

Effective advertising is becoming increasingly visual, and buying direct ads mean you’ll be able to use these formats more readily. With a programmatic ad buy, you need to factor in file size and load size, whereas, with a direct ad buy, your publisher’s team will make sure that your ad looks the way you want it to.


Premium Ad Placement

With direct ad buys, you get more ad placement options, such as an above-the-fold spot on their homepage. The publishing team can also pair your ad with content that best suits your company.


When it comes to digital advertising, optimize your outreach and your budget by using a mix of direct ad buys and programmatic marketing. TN Media in Nashville, Tennessee can make sure you find the right package to suit your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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