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Plastic Surgery SEO in Nashville

Welcome to the first of our Local Search Trends series. In this series, we look at local search trends in the Nashville market, discuss those trends and give statistics on the search volume.

Why you should care:

If you are in the Nashville market and in the business of plastic surgery, then you should know about the search trends, how many people are searching and be making efforts to put your business in front of those people when they are looking for you. SEO in Nashville is very competitive and to be able to get listed in the organic rankings on page one is always going to be a tough battle. Lucky, here at TN Media, we know how to get you the results you need to grow your business. In most cases Search Engine Marketing is going to get you the quickest results, and if you aren’t utilizing this online marketing method you are missing out on a lot of business.

If you are new to online marketing, you might want to check out some of our other blog posts to brush up on the terms we are using in this segment. Check out our blog, What is Online Marketing, to get a full refresher if needed.

Plastic Surgery Search Trends:

Average monthly searches from Google Adwords:

SEO Nashville Plastic Surgery Trends

As you can see, over the last 12 months, there seems to be a pattern. The lowest month is September coming in at 7,860 and the highest is March at 11,520.

This data could mean quite a few things:

  • Is there just an upward trend in searches?
  • Do people start researching in the summer months to anticipate having the procedure after summer?
  • Is September the lowest search month due to having the most procedures?

These are all questions and assumptions you would want to analyze to understand when you should be increasing your marketing efforts in order to bring in more clients.

Previous two years from Google Trends:


Plastic Surgery SEO in Nashville

We see some consistencies when we look at Google Trends in that over the last 24 months there does seem to be an upward trend in searches related to plastic surgery. The highest month according to trends is January, with April 2014 coming in a close second. The numbers don’t match up exactly because we are targeting a list of more than 50 keywords related to plastic surgery and Google Trends is only showing the trends for 24 months for the phrase “plastic surgery” in the Nashville market.

SEM in Nashville


Looking at the segmented data from Google Adwords, you can see that with the right budget, you could be driving more than 80 clicks per day to your site. These clicks are people who are searching for plastic surgery services.

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