Mobile websites will matter more than ever.

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If you don’t have a mobile website now, you need to change that soon.

In my recent trip to Search Marketing Expo East in NYC, Gary Illyes from Google focused a lot on user experience and how Google’s new algorithm has the ability to crawl multiple versions of your site and evaluate the user experience. This seems to be a large focus for Google and it could mean losing ranking points if you don’t have a mobile version of your website.

Is it currently a ranking factor?

Currently, Google does penalize sites that have errors for mobile visitors and sites that redirect all mobile traffic to the homepage will have a harder time ranking in Google’s mobile search results. But the consensus within the industry is that Google is going to take this one step further by evaluating the user experience and penalizing sites that do not have a mobile version of their website. With mobile usage for internet access eclipsing PC internet usage earlier this year and Google expected to release a new update in the next few weeks...

The time is now to get your website mobile ready if you haven’t already. 

Great news!

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