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What’s wrong with my website? It looks great!

As professionals, we spend time, effort and money ensuring that we look the part of a professional.  A well-fitted suit and neatly pressed shirt go a long way in the first ten seconds of a first impression. It says, “I am going to handle you Mr. or Mrs. customer with the same care and effort I spent prepping for our appointment today!”

The internet or more specifically your website is no different than the situation I have just outlined above. The same impression a visitor gets in the first ten seconds of their time on your site can make or break you. In fact, this statistic is so important that Google has a name for the visitors leaving your website in less than eight seconds: bounce rate. If you cannot hold the attention of a prospective customer for more than eight seconds, it’s going to be hard to convince them that you will go out of your way to service their needs, will do it for a competitive price, and there are 12 of their friends that are screaming from the roof tops, “You are the greatest they have every seen.”

Also like the example in the opening, your attire not only needs to be clean and pressed, but it must also be functional. If you were a roofer, it makes no sense for you to be wearing leather soled shoes. They are slick and lack the function needed to do the job. In almost every website analysis I have done in the last several years, the most common mistake made is to forgo function for aesthetics. This is a critical error.

I recently read a very large audit where nearly four million websites were audited for basic components needed to turn a website into a selling machine.  Here’s what they found:

  • 26.4% [of SMBs] cannot be found in online searches because their websites earn a Google Page Rank of zero or have no Google Page Rank
  • 94.5% are not mobile optimized
  • 91.2 percent lack a Facebook widget (e.g., “like” button)
  • 94.6% lack a Twitter widget (e.g., “follow” button)
  • 83.6% lack a Twitter link
  • 93.7% do not display a contact email address
  • 49.4% lack a phone number on the home page
  • 94.6% lack a shopping cart, prohibiting them from transacting business on the website

To further elaborate, searchengineland.com published a comprehensive report outlining exactly what users are looking for when searching on your site.

1. Obvious contact information
-I want to see the phone number right away…on every page.
-I want to see your street address…on every page.
-What can you do for me?
-Why should I choose you and not your competition?
-What makes you better than your competition?
-Don’t make me guess if you’re offering me a good deal.
-Don’t make me hunt for the information I want.

2. A description of products and services offered

3. Unique selling point and/or offer

4. Specific product/service details and pricing

5. A site designed to show me what I want to see

Doesn’t this make logical sense? If a visitor comes to your site and it is clean and neat and they have a clear understanding of what you do and where you do it, isn’t the money maker in this scenario the PHONE CALL?

How are you going to book that appointment if they cannot find your number? Keep in mind that consumers are lazy. And not only are they lazy, they are inundated with creative marketing trying to distract them from things they want and need. Why should your business suffer because someone else just made it easier for them to spend their money?

Questions to ask for your own website self evaluation:

Is your website driving leads?

Do you have the phone number in BIG BOLD type at the top right of the page?

Do you have the address and phone number listed on every page?

Do you have a contact us form on your website?

Have you integrated Facebook and Twitter within your website?

Is your website clearly stating what you do and where you do it?

Have you listed the payment methods you accept?

These are just a few, but the critical ones. If you need some help or consultation, we are happy to go through a more detailed evaluation. Give us a call at 1-888-352-8616, or use our online form to set up a consultation.

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