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Welcome to the third installation of our Local Search Trends series. In this series, we look at local search trends in the Nashville market, discuss those trends and give statistics on the search volume.

A new car is always in style.

Sleek. Stylish. Astonishing. Fast. Fuel-efficient.

Those are some of the adjectives used in conjunction with new vehicles. See, the desire for a new car spans across all generations. For instance, where else can a 16-year-old high school student make the same six-year investment as a 75-year-old grandmother of four? Those venues are few and far between. But fortunately for car dealers in the Nashville area, a growing population and increasing search trends mean those two demographics and many others could be colliding on a daily basis.

Given the extreme competition between auto dealers in every market, it is paramount for dealership owners to understand the importance of having a strong marketing plan in place when it comes to search. SEO in Nashville remains highly competitive and requires extra attention and resources, but is a viable long-term solution. However, since no auto dealer wants their vehicles to stay on the lot for a calendar year, Search Engine Marketing will deliver quality leads and quick results to make sure cars are driven off the lot consistently.

If you’re new to online marketing, brush-up on some of our other blog posts to gain familiarity with terms we are using in this segment. Check out our blog, What is Online Marketing, to get a full refresher if needed.

Auto SearchLooking at the chart above, the number of searches for new and used cars in Nashville has significantly risen over the past calendar year according to Google. In June 2013, a total of 69,430 searches were conducted for new and used vehicles in the Nashville DMA. Searches peaked in August 2013 with 80,350. Since January, search totals for an individual month have been no lower than 85,440, with that total coming in February. The highest number of searches for a calendar month came in March with 96,740.

Mobile TrendsPerhaps the most interesting caveat of auto search trends has been the significant growth of mobile searches just since last summer.  As we specified above, 69,430 total searches were conducted in June 2013. Only 26 percent (18,329) of those searches were done on mobile devices. Just this past May, a total of 38,074 searches took place, totaling 41 percent for the entire month’s searches.

Auto Segmented

Taking into account this segmented data from Google AdWords, the appropriate keyword data and a competitive budget could drive to you a significant portion of the astonishing 84,120 searches per month. With a search engine marketing campaign nothing short of sleek, stylish and astonishing, your business will be ready to take its next step into the digital era.

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