Lift Wellness Center


As LIFT Wellness Center prepared to open its doors, the company was challenged with educating the public about the difference between their medical fitness center and other gyms in the community. LIFT also faced challenges with their location. The fitness center is located in a downtown area with a negative reputation and their target audience only commutes downtown for work. LIFT needed to persuade potential members that their fitness center is convenient, safe, and is more than the average gym, offering services for a complete lifestyle. Although securing memberships was their primary goal, LIFT also wanted to promote their amenities that were available to non-members, including the onsite urgent care clinic, which is a new and important asset to the downtown community.


GCS recommended taking an educational and aspirational approach with LIFT’s marketing materials. We created the tag line “Give your life a lift,” which communicates that LIFT is focused on more than exercise, but overall healthy living. The creative included attention-getting imagery of active people across all age groups and messaging highlighting the LIFT difference. We suggested a weekly Q&A column with a LIFT doctor to address questions potential members might have and to overcome barriers to membership purchase. To encourage cautious consumers to give LIFT a try, GCS included a free pass offer across all advertising. GCS also focused a portion of the LIFT creative on the urgent care clinic’s unique selling points that filled a void in the downtown area. Throughout the campaign, LIFT experienced an increase in wellness center visits. LIFT also saw an increase in web traffic and observed a boost in brand strength and awareness.