Kirkland’s, a home décor retailer headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, was struggling with an underperforming Houston, Texas market. While the company was successful with women ages 35-54, Kirkland’s was looking to attract a younger demographic.

A market penetration study revealed that Kirkland’s was not top-of-mind when respondents were asked about stores that sell home décor and furnishings. The study also identified a low ad recall among respondents with 83.2 percent not recalling seeing or hearing any advertising by Kirkland’s in the last 30 days. Kirkland’s presented us with the challenges of increasing store traffic and growing awareness for their brand.


To build awareness of the Kirkland’s brand in the Houston area, we recommended TV. While reaching a broad audience, the TV schedule also targeted credible leads through specific network channels and focused on areas where the prime candidate lives.

To increase store traffic, we selected newspaper inserts with coupons. Research indicated that a large Kirkland’s population subscribes to newspapers in the Houston DMA, and more than 70 percent of subscribers, on average, check store inserts in the newspaper. A direct mail campaign was also included in our store-traffic strategy, and targeted potential purchasers by specific zip codes.

We increased brand awareness in the Houston DMA by six points. We also increased perception of quality and product selection by more than seven points, and garnered a positive reaction to advertising for Kirkland’s, growing this category by 15 points.