Improve YouTube SEO with These 6 Video Optimization Tips

By Keela Greenlee

As a marketer, it’s likely you already have a plan in place to improve search rankings for your website—but what about your video content?

By improving your YouTube SEO, you can exponentially increase your chance of showing up in search results and extend the reach of your brand. Because Google owns YouTube, the search engine tends to prioritize YouTube videos in search engine result pages (SERPs). Check out these six video optimization tips to maximize your YouTube SEO efforts:

1. Plan Your Keywords

Perform keyword research to determine what exactly your ideal video audience is searching for online. Google’s free Keyword Planner tool is a great place to start. Google will include videos on the first page of search results for certain keywords, including those like “how-to” or “tutorial,” so use that to your advantage.

2. Quality Content Means More Views

Ensure that your video optimization efforts don’t interfere with the quality of your content. Your videos have to be watched by real viewers to rank in search results. Place keywords naturally, and remember, your first focus should be quality and value to the customer.

3. Optimize Your Titles

The titles of your YouTube videos can drive clicks or turn people away. Your titles should be compelling to viewers, but should also contain a target keyword.

4. Fill Out Video Descriptions

Always enter description text to summarize your videos. Aim to keep text at around 200 characters, and try to use your keywords three or four times, without “keyword stuffing.”

5. Put It into Words

To provide search engines with even more text to crawl, transcribe your video content with YouTube’s Closed Captioning feature.

6. Use Your Channel

Your YouTube channel page is a great place to include additional keyword-rich information about your company. You can also group videos by theme or topic using playlists.

Videos content is more popular than ever, and at TN Media in Nashville, Tennessee, we know how to optimize them for success. Contact us today for more information.


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