HTTPS SEO Ranking: No effect

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HTTPS increased rankings

You may have heard recently that Google was planning on giving a boost to sites on secure URLs. In other words, websites that have SSL certificates and exist on a https:// vs http:// URLs would see in increase in rankings.

Why the change?

Many speculate that this was an effort to decrease the amount of sites with vulnerabilities. Others think it will enable Google to crawl websites faster. In any case, the boost or increase doesn’t seem to be affecting sites currently.

The report.

The guys over at SearchMetrics did an audit of some of their sites to investigate the claims of increased rankings and the result of their findings basically shows no relation to ranking and HTTPS URLs. Perhaps it is too early to tell and maybe their audit didn’t have enough time or variables. Needless to say, it appears the hype isn’t warranted for the time being and for most small businesses the difficulty of switching to secure domains isn’t worth the cost or headache.

Check out the in-depth article.

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