High Impact

High Impact Digital Advertising

High Impact

Leap off the screen

Our high impact digital portfolio offers powerful online advertising options that engage, involve, and motivate customers with rich-media features like audio and video, animated elements, and interactive live links. These ads generate more clicks, drive more branded searches, draw more viewer interaction, and create higher response rates than other online formats.


Demand attention with an immersive, cinematic experience right on the homepage. Video sells your story with sight, sound, and motion.


Put your message on top by expanding downward to take center stage with video, audio, and live links to drive direct action.

Hero Flip 

Make your message the homepage hero. Your message flips open, putting your brand front and center on the page and prime for interaction.

Interactive Takeover 

Take over the screen, avoiding clutter and competing messages to capture attention with audio, video, and product showcases.


Grab consumer attention when they’re most engaged. Viewers interact with your message, including rich media, photo galleries, and more


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