Heritage Medical Associates


Heritage Medical is a well-known and trusted healthcare provider in Middle Tennessee. Research showed that 97 percent of current patients would recommend Heritage family and friends. However, the company struggled with an outdated and institutional image, inconsistencies across locations and specialties, and physicians who were not at-capacity. In addition, Heritage has been in the community for approximately 20 years and the company was not doing external advertising.


We established consistency across specialties and locations by re-working the Heritage logo and creating an organizational-wide tag line. We also designed a standard look that speaks to the entire Heritage brand, but also can be customized to each specialty. The look also creates a more modern, cutting edge image for Heritage. We carried this new look across all external marketing materials, internal communications, and a website redesign. The website design engaged patients on a greater level and the OBGYN pages increased three-fold the number of visitors of the previous site.