Gaming Gives Back

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CAMPAIGN: “Gaming Gives Back”


Tennessee State Lottery Good Works Promotional Campaign

Whether working with a non-profit or for-profit business, clients need to spread the word about their positive impact on the community. We developed a digital ad strategy highlighting the positive effects the Tennessee Lottery’s $2 billion in charitable funding had on students by depicting students’ lives with and without the funding.

How It Worked
• Target consumers encountered an eye-catching online breakout advertisement based on a “2B or Not 2B” theme, and was encouraged to click-through by a prompt to see their Lottery dollars in action.
• The consumers also encountered messaging on a homepage “roadblock” on Clicking on the wallpaper, banner, or island portions of the roadblock drove them directly to the client’s website.

• Multiple animated, online digital advertisements.
• Website homepage roadblock on
• Recommended digital plan.

• Increased traffic to client’s website.
• Creative messaging that grabbed attention.