Facebook Campaigns Increase Brand & Model Interest for Auto Dealers

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According to a recent comScore Action Lift Study, Facebook campaigns increase consideration of brands and models advertised by auto dealers and at the same time decrease competitive consideration.

Automotive campaigns on Facebook are impacting middle of the funnel online behaviors. Mid-funnel segments like “interest, learn and shop” are the research and compare stages of the vehicle purchase. When auto dealers include Facebook in their media advertising, they reap the following rewards:Consumer Buying Funnel

  • Increased visits to brand sites & model pages
  • Increased visits to brand pages on auto-endemic sites (Cars.com, Autotradercom, etc)
  • Increased brand search activity overall
  • Decreased competitive brand & model search activity

Since 2005, automotive shopper behaviors have drastically changed. Online behaviors show that an auto intender will view 18.2 sources on average during the mid-funnel (interest, learn, shop) segments of the buying funnel. Auto dealer sites and auto-endemic sites are part of those sources.sources auto

Also, gone are the weekends of driving from dealership to dealership. In 2010, auto shoppers only went to 1.3 dealers before making a purchase. This behavior goes hand-in-hand with the increase in online activity. Car shoppers are spending a majority of their time online during mid-funnel segments.

internet auto buying

Facebook is also one of the many sources consumers utilize and value during the research sections of the funnel. This study found that automotive advertisers with a Facebook campaign saw the following:

facebook stats

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