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The Power of Facebook Advertising

| January 16, 2014

Facebook AdsIf you are like many business owners in the greater Nashville area, you know that Facebook is becoming more important to your business marketing plan. But you might be asking: “Why should my business care about advertising on Facebook?”

  • 3 out of 4 internet users are active on Facebook
  • 128 million are daily active users in US

Piqued your curiosity? Join me as I talk about the four dimensions of social marketing (connect, engage, influence and integrate) and how Facebook is a great utensil to merge them.


Connecting with customers is a great way to stay top-of-mind and find and reach your target audience with precision. Facebook has more information about your target audience than any other media outlet. Once your company has 30 likes, it receives the Insights dashboard that hosts a plethora of awesome metrics for you to learn more about your audience and who is connecting with your business. You can use this information to find more people just like them.

Social Marketing Infographic


Facebook is obviously a social place, this means users are much more engaged with content viewed during their time spent on the site. Each Facebook user is subject to seeing 1500 pieces of content per visit found in their news feed, photo gallery, friends’ profiles or company profiles. Your business can advertise within these pieces of content. Ads within the news feed are 2x bigger than an average island ad (300×250). Page post ads get 8x more engagement than other ad positions. The click-through rate on Facebook ads is .20% for retail. Average display advertising click-through rates are .03-.05%.  Engage your target audience by putting your business in front of them with a snappy ad asking them to join a contest or take advantage of a sale.


Word of mouth advertising is more powerful and authentic. 92% of people trust opinions of their friends and family while only 47% trust traditional media. When users on the site like a company or share an ad, their friends and family see that interaction and are more likely to follow suit. Facebook stimulates better ad recall and awareness. Users on Facebook are more likely to remember and recognize ads they see because they are engaged with the site. In a survey done on Facebook campaigns, research found 70% of campaigns had 3x the return of ad spend.


Tie your advertising into your Facebook apps. This strategy will help develop a personalized social experience for users. Create a “Like” or “Contest” Facebook landing page that coincides with your advertising and also allows for lead generation. You can also monitor and measure the metrics for those apps to find another level of success for your ads.

Facebook is a powerful advertising tool. Your business will only benefit from using it. It can be a steep mountain to climb, so if you’re lost on where and how to start… us.  USA TODAY NETWORK TENNESSEE has experts that can guide you to the summit.  Fill out our contact us form and you’ll be one step closer to the top!

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