Christie Dental


As Christie Dental acquired new locations, the naming of each location was not consistent and marketing efforts were not under the Christie Dental network. This style of marketing was inefficient and costly, and put each location in competition with each other. Christie Dental also needed to find an efficient way to communicate its wide range of services to multiple locations and segments of clientele. The company wasn’t immune to reputation challenges, either. Negative online feedback out-numbered the positive and a reputation management program was needed.


We recommended name standardization for each Christie Dental location. We also created a new logo that is clean, professional and speaks to the health aspect of dental care. Advertising materials were crafted that highlighted the convenience and accessibility of Christie Dental’s hours and locations, the affordability for a variety of income levels, and the comprehensiveness of services across all age groups. To further enhance its image, we executed a complete website redesign and started monitoring Christie Dental’s reputation online, reporting findings on a weekly basis.