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Beware of Free Websites

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That free website comes with a price.

Beware of the Free Website I’m sure you’ve heard somewhere along the way, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.” And unfortunately with websites, this is also the case. You’ve probably seen advertisements and commercials with do-it-yourself and drag and drop free websites. Oftentimes, these are “packaged” with SEO services or “get found on the web” advertisements. But the truth is, these two don’t mesh well together. But we’re here to debunk the myths. It’s not as easy as they claim.

What’s in it for them?

Most free website companies aren’t really free. The websites don’t cost money to build because you do all the work. The company just wants you for the hosting fee, which is where they make their money. They can also tack on hidden fees and add-ons that don’t offer much value.

A lot of free eCommerce website platforms also take a percentage of everything you sell. And in an internet driven marketplace, where you have to compete on price, this tactic hurts even more.

You don’t own that free website.

Yes, you built it. But you used their framework to produce it. If you decide you want to move it somewhere, you can’t. The only option is to rebuild it on another platform, which can be costly.

Free websites are not customize-able.

Yes, you can change the colors. Yes, you can move things around and edit text. But you really don’t have the ability to change all of the small details that can really make a site shine. Also, as you grow and want to add to your site, these platforms most likely won’t support it.

Free websites are an SEO nightmare.

I know these free websites come with packages that make the promise: “Get your site found on the web.” But if it were that easy, there wouldn’t be companies continuously optimizing, changing and staying up-to-date to keep their clients ranked. There are more than 200 metrics that are measured to determine ranking and no one (but Google) knows how much weight is given to each one.

The bottom line.

Web design companies and firms exist for a reason and prices for professionally designed websites continue to drop. If you just need a site and don’t care if anyone ever finds it, go ahead and throw one together with a free platform. But if you are serious about building a site, one that doesn’t have limitations and sets your business up for future success, stick to hiring a company to build your website.

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