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3 Landing Page Optimization Tips to Drive Conversions

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You’re shopping in a store, and you’ve found the perfect item for the right price. You’re ready to buy, but there’s nowhere to check-out and no one around to ask for help. Are you going to wait until someone comes and finds you? Probably not.

Don’t let the same thing happen with your digital ads. If consumers click on your ad to learn about a specific product, bringing them to a generic page, like a homepage, could deter them from purchasing. Instead, set up customized landing page that provides potential customers additional product information, which will help drive them towards purchase.


Creating optimized landing pages can be simple, but the benefits can be huge, such as boosting your SEO. Check out our top landing page optimization tips below:

                 1. Craft Compelling Copy

Just like with your ad copy, the copy on your landing pages should provide visitors with a compelling reason to make a purchase. Pose your product as a solution to a problem that your target audience faces, and be sure to show them the specific benefits of using it. Be sure to include impactful call-to-actions, or CTAs, to increase the likelihood of conversions.

                 2. Keep Design in Mind

The design of your landing pages can also impact the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Ensure all of the crucial information your customers need to know is above the fold so they can see it without scrolling down. Similarly, avoid encouraging users to click to other webpages for more details—you have their attention, so don’t make it so complicated to learn more.

               3. Get Contact Information

Not everyone who clicks on your ads will make a purchase, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a great lead for future sales. Include an opt-in form on your landing page, so users can give their contact information to receive information on future deals and specials.

Landing pages can have a significant impact on your bottom line. At the USA TODAY NETWORK in Nashville, Tennessee, we have the digital advertising expertise to craft the perfect copy for your landing pages and the ad network to get your ads seen. Contact us today for a free marketing consultation.



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