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Should Your Business Be Using Mobile Geofencing?

| April 5, 2016

Location-based advertising is more than using the right keywords. Geofencing, which allows you to target ads to users when they enter a specific geographic area, uses GPS in smartphones to trigger ad visibility. By doing so, you can drive customers right through your doors. Read on to learn more about how you can put geofencing to work for your business.


The Basics

With mobile geofencing, you can take GPS tracking capabilities and use it to target potential customers in any physical location. Just set up a “geofence” around an area to target. Then, anytime people use their phone to access the internet from that area,  they’ll see yourads.


GeofencingBest Practices

Geofencing can be extremely effective for businesses with physical locations that want to attract nearby customers. These are some tips and tricks for setting up your location-based ads for success.


  • Where: Your fences should be no more than 4 or 5 minutes from your location. If someone has to drive 20 miles to get your product or deal, they probably won’t. That being said, you might find success in geofencing local competitors outside of this range.
  • What:Like any ad, tell your customers what to do by including an impactful CTA. Give them a reason to head over to your location immediately. Also, be sure you are up-front and transparent about what data you are using to target, and how. They should know that you are only using their GPS location, and that you’re using that information safely and securely.


Best Suited Industries

Geofencing is appropriate for businesses that have a physical presence or contained service area; as noted above, the ideal fence won’t be more than five minutes from the location. Geofencing is often successful with retail stores, entertainment venues, and fast, casual restaurants.


Optimize every dollar of your ad budget by focusing your spending on targeting customers in your immediate area. See how the USA TODAY NETWORK TENNESSEE  can help you run effective location-based and geotargeting campaigns. Contact us today for more information.

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