Belmont Bruins



CAMPAIGN: “Get Your Growl On.”


We helped the Bruins with a ticket-selling digital solution that promoted, sold, and boosted season ticket sales. The Get Your Growl On campaign was a fully digital solution to convert fans into ticket holders.

How It Worked
• Strategically placed well-constructed digital advertisements in highly targeted media.
• Incentivized “click-throughs” to landing page with specially priced ticket promotions.
• At the landing page, motivated purchases and captured data with the reward of discounted family packages for concession stand purchases and team swag.
• Included e-commerce capabilities on landing page to capture the purchase at the moment of maximum motivation.
• Included “fan-sourcing” opportunities allowing fans to post videos and pics of themselves rooting on the team.

Elements of the Campaign
• Multiple digital advertisements.
• Interactive landing page, which allowed fans to get schedule information, buy tickets, and post videos and pics of themselves cheering on their favorite team.
• Co-branding with local businesses in the form of contests, such as Tre’s for Tacos, a promotion where a local Mexican restaurant awarded fans $.50 tacos for every three-point field goal made.
• Signage at event with links and QR codes that encouraged fans to upload their videos/pics on the landing page while still at the game.
• Recommended digital plan.

• Trackable conversions making marketing ROI simple to convey.
• Ease of purchase for consumers.
• Data capture allowing greater remarketing efforts in the future.
• Fans felt greater ownership of the team when they spoted their own video and pics.