We are the state’s largest-reaching, multi-channel digital marketing and news network, serving six primary marketplaces and the state through many print and digital platforms with powerful, deep and relevant local reporting.

Simply, we serve premium local audience with premium local content.

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

We have the unique ability to connect businesses to large, deep and very engaged local audiences within a premium environment, while expertly extending reach through third-party channels for a holistic marketing solution that brings excellent results.

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Who We Are, How We Help

THE USA TODAY NETWORK TENNESSEE is in front of your customers.

Our six markets give us an enormous presence in this state.  An enormous reach and engagement that impacts our communities and businesses.  Through audience reach and the number of news and sales personnel we employ and deploy, through our leading and top-shelf tools, products and services.

In each of our individuals markets, we are the Tennessean, The News-Sentinel, the Commercial Appeal, and the Leaf Chronicle.

Collectively, we are the USA TODAY NETWORK TENNESSEE, the state’s digital marketing and news leader.

We are everywhere your business wants to be.