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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Online Video Ads

| November 17, 2015


TV advertising is evolving, and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to adjust their marketing strategies as a result. With the advent of streaming TV services like Hulu, Amazon Video and Netflix, fewer and fewer people are watching TV the traditional way and sitting through ads. Online video advertising provides a cost-effective and compelling way to engage consumers where they’re spending most of their time–online. Below, we list three reasons why online video advertising can either extend the reach of your current TV campaigns or provide a more targeted alternative if your company doesn’t have a TV budget.


  1. Consumers spend their time online

Conversioner estimates that while people spend an average of 113 minutes a day watching television, they’re also spending 108 minutes and 147 minutes on their computers and phones, respectively. Consumers—especially teenagers and young adults—are spending less and less time in front of the TV, and online video advertising presents an opportunity to reach them where they prefer to spend their time.

  1. Demographics don’t matter

Though they can help you reach a younger audience, your video advertisements won’t just be viewed by a younger demographic. A benefit of online video advertising is that no matter who you’re targeting, people at any age between 18 and 54 are just as likely to search for and view online videos and their accompanying ads.

  1. Online video drives immediate action

After viewing an online video ad, 46% of viewers take some form of action, such as visiting a business’s website or looking for more information about the video subject. The actions that arise from the awareness and interest generated from your video ads translates into new leads and increased product sales for your company.

Both TV and online video ads are great ways for local businesses to share their story or promote a product to consumers, but video can be even more highly targeted and trackable for a lower CPM. For help creating a video strategy for your business or producing quality video content, contact our team at USA TODAY NETWORK in Nashville, Tennessee.

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