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3 Reasons to Advertise in Your Newspaper

| February 5, 2016

Well-rounded marketing strategies provide a seamless experience for customers as they navigate online to offline, which means the best thing you can do to set your business up for success in 2016 is to find the right marketing mix of both print and digital. When choosing where to invest your print budget, consider this: Research shows newspaper has the highest returns on investment for advertisers. Here are just a few more reasons newspaper advertising still works:


Audience Targeting

Newspapers are a great channel through which to target very specific audiences, particularly when it comes to age, location, interest and socio-economic status. Newspaper audiences are considered affluent—an estimated 75 percent of households with incomes over $100,000 read newspapers. Newspaper advertising gives your business the chance to reach decision makers and purchase-ready customers with which you may not otherwise cross paths.


Newspapers typically run in digital and print formats, which means you have the ability to integrate your campaign across platforms. Since half of newspaper readers still rely solely on print editions, running complementary digital ads on your newspaper’s website is important to reach the other half of readers who consume news both on- and offline.



A major reason to integrate print advertising into your marketing strategy is that newspaper ads are affordable. Your newspaper advertising representative will work directly with your business to determine the right reach and frequency for your budget. He or she will guide you through the paper’s audience analytics to determine the best placement to reach your target demographic and will collaborate with you throughout the ad creation process.


Keep in mind that a well-rounded marketing strategy will take advantage of both digital and print media. If you’re looking for assistance to develop a strategy that increases your reach in the right markets, the specialists at USA TODAY NETWORK TENNESSEE in Nashville, Tennessee, are ready to make sure you have maximum visibility. Contact us now for a free marketing consultation.



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