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3 Email Marketing List Growth Tips for Small Businesses

| October 6, 2015

Many small businesses have already discovered the power of email marketing. This tactic is effective because it allows companies to connect with customers at each stage of the buyer’s cycle. This strategy also offers an attractive return on investment, which is great for businesses with smaller budgets. On average, many businesses experience an ROI of about $44.25 for every dollar spent on email marketing.


The best way to get a return on your email marketing investment is by continuously making an effort to expand your email list to include new leads. Here are three tips for small business that want to grow their email marketing lists:


  1. Make sure that your opt-in prompt is clearly visible.

People will not sign up for your email list if they do not know that it is available. Make your sign-up prompt prominent on the page. You may want to utilize pop-ups or sliders to ensure that visitors cannot miss the opportunity to opt-in for your company’s emails. Another great strategy is to make sure that the prompt shows up on every page. That way, no matter which page brings the visitor in, they will have the option to sign up for emails.


  1. Require an email address to access specific content.

You have created e-books and whitepapers that you are ready to share with prospective customers. Why not ask for their email address in return for this content? This is a great way to not only grow your email list but also show new visitors what your company has to offer.


  1. Encourage your current subscribers to share your emails.

The first step to getting your subscribers to share your emails is creating effective and compelling email content that makes readers want to forward the email to others. Once you have the content, make it easy for readers to share by adding social share buttons or forwarding options in your email content.


Does your business have a targeted email marketing strategy? If not, USA TODAY NETWORK in Nashville, Tennessee would love to hear from you. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business get results from your email strategy efforts.

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